What was the Secret of 1888? Was there another part to the message that has been covered up? Find it in this book:


Ellen White

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Read these online excerpts prayerfully and learn what God's 1888 plan really was--and still is! (God never changes) Ask yourself honestly--have God's instructions from His Messenger been followed? Are we following men led by Sacred Fire? or walking in the "Sparks of their own Kindling?" Are we even to follow men? You need to know--your Eternal Destiny is at stake. 

I--Faithful, Earnest Warnings 

 II--The Holy Scriptures 

 III-- God's High Standard

 IV-- A Solemn Appeal to Ministers

  V-- Human Needs and Divine Supply

 VI-- Economy

 VII-- Workers with God

 VIII-- Workers Under God

 IX-- Right Methods, Principles, and Motives

  X-- To Brethren in Responsible Positions

 XI-- Means and Methods

 XII-- Conference Officials

 XIII-- Appeals for Truth and Loyalty

 XIV-- To God's Workmen

  XV-- Elevate the Standard

 XVI-- Appeal and Warning

 XVII-- Vital Principles of Relationship