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Counsels on Diet and Foods

Table of Contents

I Reasons for Reform  
II Diet and Spirituality  
III Health Reform and the Third Angel's Message  
IV The Proper Dietary  
V Physiology of Digestion  
VI Improper Eating a Cause of Disease  
VII Overeating  
VIII Control of Appetite  
IX Regularity in Eating  
X Fasting  
XI Extremes in Diet  
XII Diet During Pregnancy  
XIII Diet in Childhood  
XIV Healthful Cookery  
XV Health Foods and Hygienic Restaurants  
XVI Sanitarium Dietary  
XVII Diet a Rational Remedy  
XVIII Fruits, Cereals, and Vegetables  
XIX Desserts  
XX Condiments, Etc.  
XXI Fats  
XXII Proteins  
XXIII Flesh Meats (Proteins Continued)  
XXIV Beverages
XXV Teaching Health Principles