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1. Patriarchs & Prophets. From Genesis to King David

2. Prophets & Kings. From King Solomon to Malachi

3. Desire of Ages. The Life of Christ

4. Acts of the Apostles. The Early Church

The Great Controversy covers the time from the Apostles to end of Revelation

5. 1884 Edition Great Controversy .

6. 1888 Edition Great Controversy .

7. 1911 Edition Great Controversy .

Christ's Object Lessons.

Integrity of the Sanctuary Truth.

Impending Conflict.

Mount of Blessing.

Sanctified Life.

Shelter in the Storm.

Sketches from the Life of Paul.


Story of Redemption.

Redemption Series: 1877-1878

1. First Advent of Christ.

2. Temptation of Christ.

3. Miracles of Christ.

4. Teachings of Christ.

5. Sufferings of Christ.

6. Resurrection of Christ.

7. Ministry of Peter.

8. Teachings of Paul.



Adventist Apocalypse.  

Answers to Prayer


Christ in His Sanctuary.

Compilation on Mind & Character # 1

Compilation on Mind & Character # 2

Counsels on Music.

Ellen White on Luther.

End Of Time

Entering Armageddon


God's Law is Eternal.
Counsels on Christian-Leadership.

Impending Conflict.

Individual Responsibility

Kneeling in prayer.

Last Day Events.

Ministry of Angels

Spalding Magan Collection

Statements re: Jones & Waggoner.        

The Fannie Bolton Story

The Life of Enoch.

The School of Christ.

Vol. 1 Talks & Sermons

Vol. 2 Talks & Sermons


What Shall I do to Inherit Eternal Life?




Christian Experiences and Views.

Experiences and Views-supplement.

Early Writings.

Ellen's Visions Original.

Life Sketches 1880.

Life Sketches 1888.

Life Sketches 1915.

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 1

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 2

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 3

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 4a

Spiritual Gifts Vol. 4b

Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 1

Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 2

Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 3

Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 4

1858 Great Controversy.

Original Testimonies: 1-10.

Original Testimonies: 11-20

Original Testimonies: 21-25.

Original Testimonies 26-30.

Word to the Little Flock.



The Sin of Licentiousness.

Special Test. Series A.

Special Test. Series B.

The Victorious Life.

Pamphlet 145 (Recreation)




1 Selected Messages.pdf

2 Selected Messages.pdf

3 Selected Messages.pdf

1 Testimonies.pdf

2 Testimonies.pdf

3 Testimonies.pdf

4 Testimonies.pdf

5 Testimonies.pdf

6 Testimonies.pdf

7 Testimonies.pdf

8 Testimonies.pdf

9 Testimonies.pdf


7A SDA Bible Commentary.pdf


Southern Work.pdf


God's Special Endowment to His End-Time People

The Ministry of Healing.

Disease: A Friend or an Enemy?

Health: Chapter from Spiritual Gifts Vol. 4 1864

Counsels on Diets and Foods.  

Medical Missionary Manual.

A Simple Diet.


Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene.

Disease and its Cause.

Good Health.

Gospel Medical Messenger.

Gospel of Health.

Healthful Living.

Health Reformer.

The Home Missionary.

How to Live. This is a collection of articles from 1865 on health reform and includes material by Ellen White but also comes from other sources. It has historical interest and it is interesting to see the simplicity of many of the recipes included.

Medical Evangelist.

Medical Missionary Magazine.

Place of Herbs in Rational Therapy.

Pacific Health Journal.

Practical Counsel on Home-Treatments.

A Solemn Appeal.

Appeal to Mothers Although this was written long ago, the problems addressed are still very much with us; only the settings have changed. The counsel is still of great value for anyone wise enough to recognize its truthfulness. For example, when novel reading is mentioned, with the harm it creates, just think of the romances and the TV soap operas of today; also women are not likely to be found laboring over the hot cook stove today, but instead a myriad of activities, clubs, groups and social events still take time and attention from the careful rearing and training of the family and the cultivation of moral graces.

Use of Drugs in the Care of the Sick. 




Each book contains a Bible Text and inspirational reading for each day of the year. To download: Right-click on link and chose 'Save Target as'

God's Amazing Grace: Download Free Indexed PDF eBook (974 KB)


Maranatha: The Lord is Coming! Download Free Indexed PDF eBook (1031 KB)


 Our High Calling Download Free Indexed PDF eBook (951 KB)



1. A Prophet Among You.

2. Abiding gift-of-prophecy.

3. A-L-White's Paper.

4. Who gave thee this Authority?

5. The Bible, SOP and the Church.

6. Changes in the Testimonies.

7. Defending the Spirit of Prophecy.

8. Did Someone Change Writings?

9. Editions of Great Controversy.

10. Ellen White& Her Critics.

11. Gift of Prophecy.

12. How God Protected Ellen White.

13. How The Spirit of Prophecy Met a Crisis.

14. Last Days of Ellen White: Sp-Magan.

15. Messenger to the Remnant.

16. Do Not Reject the SOP.

17. Plagiarized? The Facts.

18. The Prophetic Gift in Gospel Church.

19. The Prophet of the End.

20. Spiritual Gifts-JNL.

21. Testimony Of Jesus: Wilcox.

22. The Shut Door Documents.

23. The Spirit and Power of Elijah.

24. The Study of the Testimonies.

25. There Shines A Light.

26. Visions of Ellen White
27. Witness of Science.

28. Heavenly-Visions.

29. The Loma-Linda Train Stn. Vision

30. Ellen White's Last Days.

31. The Story of the Great Controversy.




Battle Creek Letters.pdf


Bible Training School.pdf


Gospel Workers 1915.pdf


Gospel Workers 1892.pdf


Historical Sketches.pdf






Manuel for Canvassers.pdf


Manuscript Release 760.pdf